Wall Highway Baptist Church began with a vision in the heart of Bro. Wheeler Kidd, Pastor of Harvest Baptist Church in the early 1960's, to start a mission in this area, After a tent revival was held near Clutts Road, sponsored by Harvest and Mount Zion Baptist Church, a meeting was held for the purpose of establishing a mission on July 25, 1964. Forty-eight persons indicated their support, and Harvest Baptist Mission began meeting in an unused chicken house located just west of Clutts Road.
After the purchase of our present property (including a gift) from Mr. Richard Pike, with the financial aid of Harvest Baptist Church, Harvest Baptist Mission was organized into Wall Highway Baptist Church on September 12, 1965 The construction of our first sanctuary (our present Educational Building) was completed in February 1967. Bro. Floyd Myers was called as our first Pastor.
In 1971, under the leadership of Pastor Ray Walker, a four-bedroom pastorium was constructed on Ita Ann Lane, Then in 1973, Pastor Bob Pitman led the church to begin the Bus Ministry, which is a very vital outreach tool today. The church continued to grow, and in 1978 a new educational building (our present Preschool Building) was completed under the ministry of Pastor Charles Davis.

Bro. Sonny Kirk began his ministry as our Pastor in October 1978. During this time our community began to experience the rapid growth that we see around us today, and our church growth continued as well, Wall Highway was one of the 700 fastest growing churches in the Southern Baptist Convention from 1977 to 1982. From 1973 to 1983, we experienced a 144% growth rate, the highest percentage in the Madison Baptist Association.
Our overcrowded conditions led to the construction of a new sanctuary with a full basement which we entered September 22, 1985. This building was completely paid for on November 23,1986, throughout "United We Grow" giving program, Then in 1988 we again saw the need to expand our facilities by constructing our Christian Life Center, with twenty-one classrooms, a kitchen, and a recreation and dining area. This building was entered in November, 1989.

We give God the glory for all He has done for us. The challenge before us is great, and we must continue going, growing, caring, and sharing!